A Simple Guide To Hiring A Rental Van

When it comes to rental companies, you should keep in mind that they are all different and that every single one of them has slightly unique policies, terms and conditions, preferences, and other things which will make the process of renting a vehicle differently. In order to hire a rental vehicle, this article will cover some of the basic tips that will help you out.

Choosing a company that is close to you is often a good choice, however, if you are not really satisfied with their offer, you can check out Self Move Hire if you are in the area, or perhaps a different local provider instead. Either way, before you hire, you should be aware of everything that the rental company has to offer.


No matter if you want to rent a vehicle to deliver a bigger item to your home, or if you are moving your things to another home, planning is the most important factor. Checking out the providers and the prices they offer should be the crucial part of the plan, and it is always a good idea to check out some of the reviews as well.

Pack your items properly while planning to move

Picking the best size

In order to make the cost as best as possible for your needs, it is highly advised that you do some measuring of all the items that you are planning to move around. Of course, keep in mind that you shouldn’t plan everything to fit perfectly, so always add an extra inch for those bigger items.

After that, check out the vehicles that would be suitable for moving those items, and if you are not sure if the vehicle is going to be big enough, always go for a size bigger. Even if you have to pay a bit more for one size bigger vehicle, you will still pay less when compared to the possibility of doing multiple trips.

Usually, depending on the size of a rental vehicle, you will have a different insurance plan that comes along. This is a very important factor as you would probably want the vehicle to be completely covered. Before you rent the vehicle, you should make an inspection and if you see something that is loose or sturdy, you should probably talk with the provider.

If you are doing a van hire Melbourne to Brisbane according to Go With The Gecko, you will probably get a pretty good deal, however, if you are not in the opportunity to use their service, you will still have to rely on your local provider instead.

There are various vans available for rent


While it seems quite obvious, you would be surprised how often there are holes or scams involved, even from some top representatives. Reading through the documentation where all of the services are listed as well as the payment details are highly advised. Avoiding things that you did not agree with is very important, and reviews usually reveal info about bad documentation.

When it comes to your own documentation when you are planning to rent a van, you should bring your driving license, as well as your credit card in order to pay for the excess deposit. Because of that, companies will ask for your home address and utility bill.

Final Word

For everyone who is planning to rent a vehicle to move some things around, you should keep in mind that driving a van is quite different from driving a car. Getting some practice before your rent is usually a good idea, so you can return it in the original condition without any irregularities.