Discover London’s Most Exclusive Postcodes

Curious about London’s most exclusive postcodes. Worry no more as they are all discussed below. The postcodes include:

  1. Chelsea – SW3
    SW3 lies between Chelsea in the south and Brompton in the north. It is the most valuable postcode in the UK. The average home buyer lost just under £ 2m ($ 4.1m). Cutting through the area in the middle is King’s Road. Once the Rolling Stones settled in, Mode gurus helped Mary Quant create the Chelsea fashion kit from the London 60s. It was a place where you could see young beautiful things. Today, they still exist in that place – only much richer.
  2. Knightsbridge – SW1XIn the south of Hyde Park, once the Knightsbridge marketplace and cattle market, is an area with the most expensive property in the world: a residential complex where the best penthouses cost £ 100 million each ($ 205 million). Just a few steps away is the world-famous Harrods store. The locals can purchase all things from ostrich eggs to jewellery.
  3. Belgravia – SW1WBelgravia is known for its location, but its elegant features make this condominium one of the most popular addresses in Europe. Not far from the hotel, this hotspot offers luxurious amenities, including Michelin-starred restaurants and transport. There is something for residents to offer, including concierge and 24-hour security. Try to reserve a table in one of the posh restaurants on Sloane Square – this will cost you a lot of money because all the wealthy Londoners want to be seen here.
  4. Belvedere, Fulham and HammersmithThe Belvedere Hotel is located on the seafront in the village of Chelsea Harbor. It was built in 1986. It offers stunning views of the Thames and access to the harbour with its speedboats and yachts. These are flats to rent in fulham. Fulham rentals feature a concierge and private parking, as well as local amenities including a gym and spa, as well as the lively Fulham and Chelsea streets.
  5. 28 Parkside, MertonWimbledon Village is adjacent to the community and has its busy main street with many great amenities. The proximity to the Wimbledon General offers an almost rural setting, but the tennis court makes the village a hot spot full of stars. This detached house with a turnover of 15.25 million pounds is located in the historic part of the region. Parkside, known to locals as the Wimbledon Millionaire Series, has an average retail price of £ 10 million.
  6. Hampstead struck- NW3Average House Sales: £ 1,697,553 ($ 3,475,009)
    Only four miles north of downtown Hampstead is no longer the village where poet John Keats lived at the beginning of the 19th century, but the area with an adjacent 800-acre wasteland that leads to the highest point in London is always there still confidence I feel detached from the place. The winding streets are one of the most expensive houses in London, where many of the old Hampstead Intelligence prizes have been awarded. However, NW3 remains a magnet for (high-heeled) artists and media. New Residents – Spice Girl Emma Bunton and former Arsenal player Thierry Henry.
  7. South Kensington – SW7

    Property costs in this busy and dazzling area have increased by 60% since 2006. One of the reasons for this is the influx of super-rich abroad. They picked up luxury apartments and townhouses in the area. The streets include Ennismore Gardens and Montpelier Street, which are usually red brick buildings. Several major museums and the Royal Albert Hall are within walking distance of the hotel.

    So you have it. The most exclusive postal codes in London. One thing is certain: having a property in one of these postcodes strengthens your status in the eyes of the world.