Things To Consider And Questions To Ask When Hiring Catering Services For An Event

People say that an event wouldn’t be complete without the presence of awesome, flavorful food. When you hold any occasion, it’s your responsibility as the host to secure a Vienna catering company that can serve tasteful meals to your guests.

However, hiring the best caterer is easier said than done. If you want to satisfy your attendees’ appetite, check out these questions you need to ask before getting the services of any catering team.

Are your caterer’s chef and kitchen staff experienced enough?

Being great at cooking is one thing, but being able to excel in the kitchen while serving scores of guests is another. The same goes for serving food. The story takes on a different plot if there is a specific theme and set of guests.

Before sealing the deal, don’t forget to check if the team you will be hiring has enough Vienna catering experience. To do a proper experience check, you can request for at most three references.

Does your prospect team have a previous experience in providing catering services to an event similar to yours?

Each type of event requires different catering needs — the food requirements for a wedding are not the same as what you will need to serve during an outdoor barbecue party.

Make sure that your prospect catering team has already had a previous experience handling an event similar to what you are about to hold. In this way, you can be confident that they’d have at least an idea of which food and beverage type they need to prepare and present.

Does your catering team show responsiveness during your initial meetings?

More often than not, your catering team’s responsiveness during your initial talks is a good indicator of how well they will perform during the event proper. During your meetings, observe if your caterer initiates asking questions and details about your event.

Does your caterer allow menu flexibility?

Generally speaking, a Vienna catering company has already a standard list of food and beverages to offer.

If you want their menu to cater to your event’s specific needs, the team should be flexible and be able to adapt. A highly-experienced caterer would be resourceful enough to make their offerings match your needs.

Is your caterer familiar with the event venue?

Remember, a venue can limit what your caterer can do. If your team has already done catering services at the venue where your event will take place, it’s great news. With their familiarity, they won’t find it that hard to be accustomed to your event setting.

Does your contract with your caterer cover all the services they need to provide?

Just like any other deals, you need to secure a black-and-white documentation of all the things you have agreed upon — from the type of food and beverages to the number of servings.

You should also look into their cancellation policy, in case any conflicts arise. Also, don’t forget to check if they have a liability insurance. This will protect both parties’ rights if something will happen during the event.

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