6 Toy Buying Tips To Share With Your Friends & Families

Buying toys for your little ones? Beware! Not all toys you see in the market are right for all children. There are some toys you should stay away from when checking off your buying list.  Make sure to share the following tipswith your friends and family for safe toy purchase.

  1. Choose age-appropriate toys.

Age is the first thing to look for when buying kids craft table at Step2 Direct for your little ones. You won’t wish to get the perfect toy item, and thenfind out later that it’s still a year beyond the baby’s comprehension. This is also important to note when buying gifts for others’ children. Giving a gift intended for younger kids may insult the kid you’re buying a gift for, so make sure to check for the appropriate age range.

  1. Check safety factor.

Toys are safe for the most part, but a lot of this could be personal to you and what you want for your child. Keep in mind that toy items with small components are not safe for infants, yet they need to be marked for an older age. Still, look at the components of the toy and see how it’s made. Does it seem safe for your child?

  1. Pick one that supports your kids’ growth.

Raising a kid is expensive. And guess what? Kid’s toys are expensive, too! It’s not good to spend so much on toys that will only amuse your child for just a few months. Take time to research and find toys that will grow with your kids. There is a wide range toys that start at one level for your child, and then can be turned into something different and more challenging as your kid ages.

  1. Look for toys that encourage creativity.

Kids love to use their imaginations, so make sure you’re giving them toys that encourage this! Instead of a Lego kit to build a ship, why not just buy some building blocks so your child can build whatever they want? Toys that cater to your child’s specific interests can be great, but also pull back a little and make sure you’re giving them a chance to make toys fun for themselves.

  1. Consider multi-sensory experience.

Find toys for your baby that does more than just one thing. Toys that light up, make noise, and have different textures will engage your child more than a toy that simply lights up. These items have been proven to support kids, especially children with special needs, with reducing stress,stopping behaviors, and providing a different yet safe type of stimulation.

  1. Buy toys that will stimulate your child’s mind.

Toys that light up or make noises can be fun, but make sure they stimulate your child’s mind. They’re so young that they can pick up on things and learn quickly, so take advantage of this time! Invest in toys that ask for the child to problem solve or think critically to play or build with.

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