How to Explain Online Rummy Game to Your Parents

How to Explain Online Rummy Game to Your Parents

The world is developing faster than ever, especially with the support of technology. The internet and smartphone revolution has completely changed the face of many industries, including the gaming industry. As compared to earlier times, when you had to play games on your desktops or laptops, you can play online games now. Many traditional Indian games are available on popular online portals, and this is one of the likely reasons to play online rummy games. However, learning to play rummy online is also a difficult task without any guidance. We could adapt faster to the online medium for playing rummy because we use technology frequently in our daily lives. On the other hand, what about our parents? Let us see how you can teach online rummy to your parents.

Why Should You Teach Online Rummy to Your Parents?

First of all, we have to consider one fact before deciding the favourable approach for teaching the online rummy game to parents. Our parents don’t use technology as frequently as we do. Generally, aged individuals use their smartphones for communication purposes such as text messaging, voice calling, or video calling. In addition, some old people also use smartphones for basic entertainment, such as watching YouTube videos. With the rise of e-commerce websites, aged people are also learning to make online transactions. Therefore, we have to start with what our parents know about internet and smartphone technology for explaining online rummy to them.

Make Sure that Your Parents Know the Rules 

Another important thing that we should keep in mind is that our parents know about the basic rules of rummy. If your parents have had the habit of playing rummy, then you don’t need to bother informing them about the rules. However, if your parents don’t have any prior experience playing rummy, then you should educate them about the rules thoroughly. Once you are sure that your parents know the rules properly, you can start training them for online rummy games.

Steps to Coach Your Parents for Online Rummy

  •       Start With Practice:

First of all, you need to encourage your parents for playing practice games on reliable online rummy portals. Free practice games on popular online rummy portals such as Rummy Passion can help your parents learn about the user interface of the portal.

  •       Allow Them to Experiment:

The next step to prepare your parents for the online rummy game is to help them know the other rummy variants. As a result, your parents can find out the rummy game they are comfortable playing. This can help them in having the best experience of rummy.

  •       Tell Them About Cash Games:

It is also important to inform your parents about the difference between free and cash games in online rummy.

  •       Prepare Them for Security Threats:

You should also educate your parents about information security risks and threats such as phishing and link baits. Communicate the possible scenarios in which your parents should exercise caution to avoid any compromises in their gaming experience. In addition, knowledge about security measures in online rummy can help your parents keep their information and finances safe from attackers.

  •       Tell Them About Bonuses and Rewards:

Don’t forget to teach your parents about the different bonuses, promotional offers, and loyalty programs of online rummy portals. These aspects can further enrich the rummy gameplay experience of your parents.


The information mentioned above clearly emphasizes on the need for teaching the precedents of online rummy to our parents. We need to understand that our parents are not as tech-savvy as us. Therefore, we must help them learn the digital way of enjoying a game they have always loved. Download a reliable rummy app for your parents right now and give them the best gift ever!


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