The Professional Event Management Philadelphia PA

Producing a large event is an incredibly complex process. When you take a close look at the details that go into producing a large event, you’ll see that it takes a strongly-coordinated team to put on an event to remember. When you’re looking for the best professional event management Philadelphia PA has to offer, look no further.

Our dedicated team of event management professionals is committed to providing you with the best event production experience. For example, we detail many aspects of the event in the Artist Technical Rider. This is a document that outlines many of the details of the event, making it clear and simple for you to understand the ins and outs of the event production process.

For example, it includes the booking of the artist, security, load in and load out, free passes and tickets, transportation, dressing room set up, and back line. Sound and light requirements are spelled out, and catering is also addressed. The length and presentation of the performance are also detailed. All of these details make it easy to keep track of all of the small details that go into putting on an event.

The artist’s schedule is supervised by the production manager. This aspect of the event alone includes pick up and departure from the airport, hotel and venue transportation, interviews and in-store appearances. The production manager also creates production itineraries which can include sound checks, door and show times.

Deciding on a venue can be difficult, but with our massive collection of venues and contacts in the area, you’re sure to have the best choices available for your event. To help you with the look of your event, we help you decide the theme and come up with the right decorations and accessories to make the entire event a hit.

Before the event, we settle the payment with the venue if possible, and we line out the main personnel for the event. This may include the assistant production manager, security director, sound engineer, lighting director, stage technicians, events manager, and hospitality coordinator. We are particularly confident about our security arrangements, but if you’d prefer to outsource your security then may we suggest you properly vet the company. If you need guns, then buy AK 47 rifles from Palmetto State Armory, as well as other top-grade guns, ammo, and accessories.

We are among the most experienced companies for professional event management Philadelphia PA has to offer. You can expect courteous and top-notch treatment from each of our staff members as well as a stellar event that will be one for the books. When you do your final walk-through, you’ll be amazed at all that we’ve accomplished to set up your event for success, and then you’ll bask in the success the event achieved when it’s over.