Does app design really matter when searching for an app?

Do people ever click an app just because it looks appealing, knowing what genre we are searching but there are some people who just click the first app they scroll on and there are some people who have to see how the app looks and if it’s visually appealing, only then we move on to searching for the install option. These app options that we scroll over to choose the right one progresses us to the fact that there are more than 3.4 million apps in the Google Play Store and nearly 2 million in Apple’s Store. For the people who actually value the design and analyze the app visually and then installing it or just uninstalling the app quickly after disliking it before even moving on to the function of it, are the audience this post is based on. Also for all those who think app development is an easy business or want to dip their hands in the app business, here is an outline of an idea. Now from an ocean of apps, making one that stands out is definitely difficult but beautifully challenging.

What is it that makes an app so great?

Some app designers might overlook the design or won’t pay much attention to the design part, however, it’s basically the first thing an app user comes across when selecting an app that is well suited for the user. Is it the colors that go well or the perfect contrast? Is it fonts that give it the simplicity that makes it easy to understand, or the complexity that makes it interesting to understand? How can you even know what an app is just not for you, or moving a step further and saying, how do you know that an app is just substandard?

For an app to stick out, the product should undoubtedly be something that does stand out along with the design complimenting it equally. Balancing the nature of the laws of the universe.

-Simplicity- When spending hours and hours designing an app, it’s not the designer’s fault to slip somewhere or to take it too far and get carried away. That is why taking breaks are necessary and a new pair of eyes is even better. Knowing that when an app desperately needs to stand out along with having many features or highlighting everything about the product is a necessary rule given, it gets difficult to design accordingly. Having said that, that is one of the creative things a designer has to do and keep it simple. Having one focused idea and smartly working towards it is the modern way to be.

Make it easy- “User-friendly”. A word used a lot, it’s because that’s what the target market is looking for, always. It is said that “Accessible design is simply good design.” Keeping in mind that the app is for users and is being made user-friendly.Testing it with the wide audience does help to further refine the design. Even in the modern tech world, there is a conventional way in which the user doesn’t want to experience anymore. Come to the creative side, something innovative along with not completely ignoring the conventional side is the way to go.

A flow is necessary– From fonts, colors, and accessibility, if it all works together, it works for good. Even the common civilian eyes notice when a font, color or just anything does not go along! As much creativity is a great thing and it is encouraged, just like that, consistency is also required. One of the things pointing not to changing fonts and colors throughout the app is one way to go about it. Good app needs to reflect a user-friendly approach that also reflects the brand.

There are different types of designs

To roughly mention the design which could give you the overall view on what’s been handed to us, literally. Material design. It includes basic shapes with colors characterized with some light animation is the definition of minimalistic. Then there is Modern UI. There are dark and light designs, more particularly one dimension based. Colors that stand out on dark and light backgrounds. Third on the queue is iOS design. A modern lightweight design which has a retro design affect. Aesthetically based on light or dark backgrounds, just like the photographs. These designs are some of the biggest adapted designs by some companies whose product you actually use. However, keeping in mind when designing an app is to keep it true to yourself.

Developing an app is not an easy task for just any individual, hence, here are some of the most profound app developing companies who follow these rules and have created masterpieces. Creative27, WillowTree, Inc., Intellectsoft, ArcTouch, Appster. Knowing that one tiny mistake can flip your mind switch onto uninstalling an app instantly. These companies make sure that there is no human error available of being discovered and the apps are made from user-friendly to users having a hallmark in their minds of the app so that next time if they just see a glimpse of it, they’d know what application is being talked about. All hail the refined tech beauty that we all subconsciously have the eye for.