Get paid for answering questions in website

People who have excellent knowledge in the accounting are no longer to slog it out with the numbers alone in the office. Now, they can have alternate career or they can do it is in additional time to earn extra money for them. With expenses in the life getting more increased every day, people always in need of additional money to take care of their needs. Accounting professionals now have this wonderful opportunity to earn extra money. They can use their knowledge and the degree they got to do the extra work and earn more.

How to become an expert?

Becoming online expert to who provide accounting help is pretty job. But one has to be brilliant enough to clear the screening done by the websites. Since no one is going to see the person in real, they are taking extra caution while admitting anyone as expert in their website. People who want to become an expert, first need to register with their details with their expertise. Once it is done, they need to complete the online exam and those who clear that exam will be having final clearance. For the final clearance, those who passed the exam have to produce the proof for their degree completion. They need to upload their mark sheets and graduation certificate in clear photo.

Concerned website team will verify them with the universities which awarded the degree and if all went well, and then you can be an expert. Once you have been approved, you will be seeing the list of questions posted by the students with their budget range and the time line required to complete the project. If the budget is affordable for you and timeline also matches with you, you can post your bid for the question. Students then will approve the bid. Once approved they will pay the advance amount to the escrow account of the website which will held that till the work is completed. Once it is done, they will release the payment to you after deducting their commission which is very nominal one.

One need not worry about the payment as the website collects the advance they will ensure that experts who worked get their money. They have excellent dispute resolution system through which they address any conflicts that arise between the students and the experts. They have set guidelines for solving the disputes. You can see that in their website.