Practical and Fun Ways to Wear Long Pearl Necklaces

Practical and Fun Ways to Wear Long Pearl Necklaces

Long necklaces offer interest and dimension to your overall looks. They can be worn in distinct ways. You can wear them with simple tops or collared shirts allowing them dangle while moving around.

For free spirited appearance

Bohemian inspired style includes many elements like symbolic pendants, fringes tassels and more. It makes her look easygoing and free-spirited, when adorned with comfortable clothes. Layer long necklaces without any hesitation to spice your girly, floral dress.

Long pearl necklaces

Long pearl necklace makes her look elegant and sophisticated. Wear it gracefully with dressy and fitted outfits. It can be worn at work with dressy top and jeans. For ultimate styling mix different pearl necklaces, so as to create deep layered effect.

A professional expression

Working ladies are in a hurry but can style her appearance in no time. A simple top suitable for work environment can be accessorized with lengthy pendant necklace. They even look great with plain or lace tops.

You can even mix & match them with jeans but make sure to wear a single colored outfit with a big size or detailed colorful necklace. Too many colors and detailing can make you look tacky, at workplace.

Casual easygoing look

Causals are comfy and loved, so styling a relaxed outfit with trendy necklace adds oomph.

Delicate layered necklaces

Layering is popular. It can be worn on a daily basis or on different occasions. Mix & match your old or new and long or short necklace pieces to look stunning, unique, and distinguishable.

Different delicate necklaces can be combined to create interest and dimension. It offers her a feminine and subtle style.

Chunky layered necklaces

If you adore bold and out-of-ordinary style then choose long chunky necklaces for layering. The idea here is to avoid patterned or detailed outfits as your necklaces already look busy. Girls who adore wearing bold jewelry can carry them with confidence.

Wrap chokers

Both ends of wrap choker hanging down allow creating dimension and add length. With wrap chokers, you can add simple delicate necklaces to accentuate the halter tops or V-neck.

Have fun styling your awesome long necklaces!

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