The Importance of Sewer Cleaning for The Home

One of the most important parts of the waste disposal and plumbing systems of the home is the sewer clean out. This is a pipe with a cap that enables the home to access the sewer line. This is how the public sewer system is connected to the home. The sewer clean is often located close to the lateral sewer line. If this line needs to be emptied or there is a clog it is imperative the line is serviced. If the line becomes completely blocked it can cause the sewage to back up. Once this occurs the homeowner is left with a large and costly repair. 

There are numerous reasons for a sewer blockage. This includes the buildup of foreign objects, debris and grease. The roots from trees can also get into the lines and cause a severe blockage. When the pipes become too old they can begin to deteriorate leading to collapse. When there is a sewage blockage the plumbing in the home will not work properly. The most common signs are several drains clogging at approximately the same time, a large amount of bubbles or water coming out of the drains and toilets either flushing slowly or not at all. For more information please visit this site

Sewer cleaning Chicago IL have the experience and knowledge necessary to locate and inspect the sewer clean out. They can handle the situation efficiently and effectively to help prevent sewage from backing up inside of the house. It can be difficult to remove the smell left behind once this has occurred. The best way to inspect the line involves either pushing a snake or a video camera through the lines so the location and type of clog can be determined. If the plumber finds a clog it is often cleared out with the use of a hydro jet. This is a water jet with a very high pressure and similar to a pressure washer. The clogs are removed by the force created by the water as it travels through the lines. 

There are individuals who wait before calling for professional help or try to do the job by themselves. Waiting is a bad idea because the problem will only get worse and the cost will go up. If the situation is left untreated for two long it can result in severe damage to the pipe and make the plumbing system in the home completely inoperable. Unless the individual has experience or training in sewer cleaning it is inadvisable to attempt the repair. The wrong actions can make the situation worse, increase the existing damage or create even more damage. 

The best possible course of action is to turn off the main water valve for the home, discontinue all use of the plumbing and call a professional. Any dormant drains can be plugged to help prevent the sewage from entering the home such as bathtub or sink drains. This will help protect the home until the professional arrives.