Visit Dubai and its desert safari

Desert safari Dubai is equipped with the modern amenities, adventurous activities such as (sand boarding, camel riding , quad biking , hot air ballooning , dune bashing etc ) all these thrilling activities in Desert safari Dubai stated let’s go one by one to what they actually are, sand boarding is as surfing but on the sand, yes! on the sand just grab a board and let it go life your way down the dunes and try to jeep your balance on the dunes as you surely need that, camel riding well there is not more to say about it except that you will be just riding a camel and as far as your vision goes you will be seeing sand and sand but it won’t bore you out why? Well you will be mountains of sand and other people along with you enjoying different activities or your friends might be in a hot air balloon up and you down on the camel racing who reaches to the finish line first. 

Head out and enjoy the desert safari Dubai:

Now most of you all will be thinking that “oh this is expensive I can’t afford that” well let’s talk about the price as well there are many discount offered up for grabs all you have to do is look out for tours that are available on discounts for instance, HEADOUT, an online concierge for fun activities and experiences. And if you are travelling to Dubai for the first time then or plan to see the more of the city then why don’t you go ahead and go for a combo offers an experience of the Desert safari Dubai and the cities most famous dinner cruise in a traditional Dhow and visit the top of the world famous Burj khalifa, so these are the options for you one is a combo and other is the discount hunt. But make sure all worth every single penny you spent, speaking from my personal experience. 

What desert trip in Dubai has for you?

Now do keep this in mind that not all desert safari are adrenaline pumping, high flying activities,  there are some relaxing, calming, cultural activities as  well. You can camp as the sun sets see the beautiful sun set, cherish the moments with your loved ones while having a cup of tea in your hand sitting near the camp fire enjoying the setting of the sun, along with it having a traditional roasted chicken or goat called (dummpuk), the ladies of the group be getting their hand painted with a heena tattoo, youcan smoke the view sitting on the carpet floor watching beautiful women belly dance in front of you while enjoying the moment as you’re living it. That’s the traditional calm Desert safari Dubai tour.

You can be either any one the peaceful calm nature or the adrenaline loving person the Desert safari Dubai is sure going to give you the experience of life time. Make sure to put this on your bucket list as it will be an experience of life time.

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