5 Essential Tips For Outback Campers

Easily one of the top places in the world for motorhome hire travel is the vast Outback of Australia. This remote and expansive region has many different types of terrain, an abundance of unique wildlife, and some of the most amazing sights you will ever see. From desert regions to lush forests to massive planes, the Outback has a little something for everyone no matter what your tastes in nature may be. All sorts of activities, from 4WD adventures to rafting to hiking, are available for all travelers. There is really no land quite like the Outback, which is the main reason this rugged and gorgeous region has become so beloved amongst campers and backpackers over the decades.

If you plan on hitting the outback for your next journey, make sure to take these tips into mind so that your trip will be as enjoyable as possible.

Prepare For The Worst

The main thing to keep in mind about the Outback is that this is real deal wilderness you will be venturing into. There are many areas within the Outback that are hundreds of miles from the nearest town. One you are out on your journey, chances are you will be in fully remote areas the entire time. Due to this you should always make sure to prepare for emergencies. You will be a long way from the nearest hospital, so bring along a good first aid kit, a snakebite kit, extra food, water, and any other essential items that you can think of. Prepare for any possible medical emergency or breakdown ahead of time so that you will be able to deal with it should the worst happen.

Non-Perishable Food Items

Since you will be many miles from the nearest store, food will be a major issue for your trip. There are small villages across the Outback, and each tends to have a general store where you can pick up food items. There are usually many, many miles in between so you will definitely need to have a food surplus along with you on your trip. This is where non-perishable food items such as canned or bagged food comes in handy. Since this food will not perish, you can stockpile it en masse and store it in your motorhome hire. This food will keep you fed throughout your trip and could even save your life should you become lost or stranded in the Outback.

GPS Device

Getting around the Outback is incredibly complicated. This land is so vast and contains to many different small roads and territories it can make your head spin. This is why a GPS device is so essential for any Outback traveler. When you have a GPS guiding you, you can focus on the essential and fun aspects of your trip without having to worry about figuring out the routes. Any Outback traveler will tell you that one wrong turn can put you into many hours of trouble, so don’t take this tip lightly. Of course you will still want to research the areas where you wish to travel, but just make sure to have a good GPS system along for the ride.

Four Wheel Drive

Many of the roads in the Outback are not your average highways and roads like you would find in metro areas. Some roads aren’t paved at all while others can be covered by sandstorms or fallen trees. Many roads are known to be covered over in water at certain points. Even if you aren’t planning on going off roading during your journey, you will still want to have a vehicle with a four wheel drive so you can navigate these roads smoothly.

Multi Port Charger

No matter how many helpful devices you have with you for your trip, they won’t do you any good if they aren’t fully charged. For this purpose you should definitely invest in a multi port charger. These chargers will help you keep a number of devices plugged in and safely charging at the same time. You can place the charger right in the middle of your vehicle and charge the devices as you drive. This was you can still use them when traveling without running down the batteries. This will also assure that, should you become lost or stranded, you will have fully charged devices close at hand for help.

Always keep in mind that the Outback is an incredibly vast place where you can easily run into trouble such as becoming lost, stranded, or having a medical emergency. Due to the remote nature of your surroundings, you may be many miles from help at any given time. For this reason, motorhome hire travelers are highly advised to follow these basic tips before they set out on their Outback journey.