Jaguar XF – Specs, Features, Gallery, Reviews, Offers

The Jaguar brand of cars is a historic one with a rich lineage both in production cars as well as a impressive sporting history. The company quickly became well known for its sports cars as well as its luxury saloon cars. Nowadays Jaguar is known as Jaguar Land Rover where the 2 historic British motoring companies were merged under Fords leadership. Ownership of this company is now in the hands of the Tata Motors. Well known for its luxury saloon cars such as the S type, the E type etc. The Jaguar XF was introduced to replace the S type as the company’s new offering in the luxury saloon market.


The all new XF is larger and wider than all its rivals, it also uses a lot more aluminum in its chassis construction giving the car excellent legroom. The new XF is styled with a family friendly look and so unlike its competition in the Germans the car is noticeably less angular and sharp. However make no mistake this car is not bland in its design at all , its size combined with its styling lends to giving it a luxurious appeal and additions like LED headlights and 18 inch wheels add to the refined look of the car.

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On the interior the message is the same, the seats are made of perforated leather and are exquisite to sit on and look beautiful as well. The seats come with all the modern amenities like electronic adjustment and thigh support. The car comes with a full suite of sensors and electronic goodies such as a large infotainment display and electronic parking assist which makes parking the car hassle free.


On the performance side of things, the car is no slouch either with the car getting the land rovers Ingenium engine in the more expensive versions. The engine is a 2.0 liter diesel unit that is capable of producing 177bhp and 430Nm of torque. This allows the car to accelerate from 0-100kmph in just about 9.36 seconds making it no slouch; this paired with the excellent automatic gearbox gives the car a mileage of 19.33 kmpl. The car comes in 4 different drive modes namely rain, eco, normal, and dynamic. While normal provides a perfectly fine driving experience and eco can be used to conserve fuel in a high traffic situation, it is in the dynamic mode that the car well and truly shines with the suspension and the transmission shaping up to provide quick acceleration and excellent handling around the corners.


Jaguar XF price range starts from around ₹49.77 lakh and goes up to ₹61.39 lakh depending on the model purchased.