Signs You Need To Have Your Car’s Shocks And Struts Checked

When we have a car, we might not realize how much of it needs to be regularly checked and replaced when needed – that includes your struts and shocks. Struts affect the car’s alignment and are an important part of your car’s suspension system (you will need the wheel to be aligned again if you are replacing the struts). Shocks absorb any shock from your car. Whether your car has a shock or strut, you should have it checked if you have any of the signs below to keep your car running smoothly.


Depending on your car’s model and make, you need to regularly replace your car’s struts or shocks around every 50,000 miles or according to the car’s manual. Be sure you replace these items with the best ones possible. For instance, you will want to get excellent Mercedes Benz parts if you have a nice Mercedes Benz car – any other random replacement might not work as well. Plus, good replacement Mercedes Benz parts have a higher chance of lasting till your next replacement.

Tire Tread Wear

Your tires could get uneven tread wear that looks like old tires if the wheel alignment or suspension is off. The edge of the tread can develop scalloped dips/cups from suspension damage. You should definitely not ignore this because this could lead to a dangerous drive. You should see a professional mechanic immediately if you notice this.

Braking Problems

As we mentioned earlier, struts are an important part of your car, therefore it could lead to more issues like braking problems if your struts are faulty. Your car could feel unstable and the source of the problem could be your struts. Another thing you might notice is that your car lurches forward or takes a nosedive whenever you brake.

Steering Problems

Remember how we mentioned struts replacement means you have to realign your wheels? Well, the struts could affect the way you steer – your steering wheel could feel hard to turn or be stiff. When you switch lanes or turn, you might notice that your car leans or sways. This is another dangerous sign that you have to get your car checked by a professional right away.

Bumpy Drives

If your regular drive seems to be uncomfortable and not as easy as it used to be, your struts or shock might need to get replaced. If the ride feels bumpy, that is because your shocks are not absorbing the shock anymore – therefore, you will feel more of the bumps on the road. Another instance is when you feel like you are losing control of the car when you go over a pothole or bump – if this is the case, then a check and replacement is in order.

While struts and shocks might seem like a small thing, you should get them checked as often as your car manual states or when you experience any of the signs above. They could save you from a lot of uncomfortable drives and potentially bad accidents.

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