Watch the Detroit Lions in NFC-North

The Detroit Lions is a professional team which has been playing in the NFC North Division of the NFL from the start.   They were originally named as Portsmouth Spartans. Although they played quite well in the league matches some issues happened in between and the team faced a danger of losing it all. The team was at the verge of disambiguation in 1934 when George Richards and a group of investors purchased the team. The people who bought the team moved to Detroit and hence the team was named Detroit Lions.  Until today, the team has won 4 NFL championships, and 4 division championship and many others. The Detroit Lions is the only team which hasn’t made an appearance in the NFL Super Bowl.

The latest addition to the team is its coach. Now, the Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia is doing his best to improve the performance of the team throughout the league. The team is already filled up with amazing players such as Matthew Stafford which has been playing as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions for over a decade. The remarkable feature of the Detroit Lions is their Offense. However they might need to improve their running skills, but still, they don’t have that much to worry about. Last year, the team ranked at dead last in NFL but this year LeGarrette Blount and Kerryon Johnson will surely give a boost to the team which they need in this league.

The Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia made immediate improvements in the team’s defense which ranked on 27th place previously. The coach made a notable addition to the team with Devon Kennard as the linebacker. The team performed quite well in the training season, but they need to be more intact when it comes to their defensive skills. The tremendous need to open up the holes for runners will be the obvious requirement for the team. It is predicted that if the team remains consistent in the season, then they surely have two golden chances to win the game and make their place in the finale matches along with Minnesota and Green Bay.

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