Crowdfunding for Cervical Cancer Treatment

Medicine is one of the earliest professions. India has had a flourishing system of medicine called Ayurveda and there have been various such systems since then.

The Persian Unani and the Vedic Ayurveda are still popular in various parts of India. However, medical science as we know it now, is a largely European import. The empirical model of enquiry regarding medical science and the tradition in which medicine is taught and practiced has been handed to us mainly by Europeans.

Conventional medicine has done wonders for us. It has eradicated plague and smallpox, curbed polio and malaria and found out ways to combat HIV. However, there are certain things it has not been able to do yet. It has not been able to find a perfect all-round cure for cancer and AIDS though both of these diseases are now very much preventable.

HIV has been made subject to various preventive treatments and cancer can be curtailed through a process of vaccination, early detection and medical care. One of the great advancements of the last decade has been the public availability of the HPV vaccine. When administered, this vaccine provides protection from the Human Papillomavirus, one of the key risk factors in cervical cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a cancer that occurs in the uterine cervix, the lower end of the uterus. Cervical cancer is often indicated by abnormal bleeding of the vagina. Similarly, if you have an HPV infection you are running the risk of getting cervical cancer.

Pap tests can detect cervical cancer early and HPV infection can be prevented through vaccination. Cervical cancer has a very high recovery rate, unlike other cancers. Therefore, if you have been detected with cervical cancer, you should immediately seek treatment. Treatment can be expensive and crowdfunding can help you with that.


Remember that medical fundraising is very common in India. Crowdfunding for cancer forms a major chunk of this form of crowdfunding. Not only are there plenty of crowdfunding sites that will support you with any attempt to raise funds for your treatment, there are specialized medical crowdfunding experts and managers that your site may even have.

Take for example Impact Guru. The company is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in India. They extensively engage in cancer crowdfunding and you can start a fundraiser here in just five minutes. Here is what you do:

  1. Write your fundraiser. Make sure you make it to the point and lucid.
  2. Support your written claims with the help of pictures. This includes pictures of medical documents which will establish your credibility. If possible, put up a picture of the patient.
  3. Remember that crowdfunding involves reaching out to other people. This means you should publicize your campaign to other people. This can be done personally or through social media.
  4. Do not attempt fundraising in India all on your own. Set up a team to back you up. This is the team which will reply to the large number of questions that you will receive, keep track of the donations and run the campaign when you are busy.

If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, you should focus on getting well and keeping up your mental health. We at Impact Guru believe that you should not have to worry about the money. This is why we believe in providing you with the best crowdfunding experience through our managers. In exchange, all we charge is a service fee.

After all, crowdfunding is a risk free and low investment way of raising money for all the people who cannot afford to.